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"I wanted to thank you SO MUCH for such an amazing experience with my lessons. You were so patient with me and were a wonderful teacher." Tanya, former student

Saxophonist Bob Bartosik here- If you're interested in saxophone lessons please contact me via email at Standard rate: $45 per 1/2 hour or $50 per 1 hour lesson in PB... add $5 for travel to your space in PB/MB/OB/Clairemont/LaJolla. I do not travel any farther for lessons (keep it green - keep it local!!).

I'm also available for consultation regarding saxophone purchases-- why buy a sax that is in poor repair or will hold you back? I'll play it and give you an honest opinion before you buy. I've played many different horns over the years. ($25 per hour)

I teach sax lessons to beginning and intermediate students of all ages. I have over 35 years on my horns and have played too many gigs to count. To get an idea of what I do, check out my online audio saxophone lessons at (sign-up required). This should give you a feel for how I explain concepts and my style. I expect a student to commit to a simple practice schedule outside of our lesson times-- otherwise you are wasting your money and both of our time. If this scenario presents itself I will discontinue your lessons.

Here is the foundation upon which I teach students: After a student attains a basic level of competence and rhythm on their instrument, I stress chord theory as the foundation of improvisation. Chords and the scales behind them are the foundation for most Western music. Rather than just playing notes on a sheet of paper, we delve into the structure of the music behind the notes so that the student has a method to understand future musical works they will encounter. A great deal of this structure is based on simple mathematical concepts.

Optimally this will give you, the student, an ability to improvise solos understanding the inherent structures of the songs, rather than muddling thru bunches of wrong notes in order to find the right ones- which is how I started playing. I hope to be able to give you the musical tools and concepts I use without having to go through the trial and error that I did to find them. I also encourage advanced students to ignore the rules and play completely by ear. By combining the two (almost opposing) methods, each student will find his or her own way to confidently improvise. Music is supposed to be fun, not hard and stressful.

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